Deflategate Super Bowl XLIX

There isn’t much about football that really interests me, until now! I can’t stop giggling at a press conference about deflated balls.

Balls, Balls, Balls!

Giggling aside, asking my boys what they think about all of it (‪#‎deflategate‬) they said… “Well, I guess it’s ok because they just cheated a little.”

Ummmmmm, No. Cheating is cheating. Thanks NFL for the great lesson you are teaching of cheating a little just means you pay someone off and it’s all good. Maybe the NFL and these football players would take things a little more seriously with the scandals that seem to be surrounding them if there was more than just a “fine” to be paid for mistakes. $25,000 is a lot of cash but in comparison to what these teams and players make that really isn’t more than a slap on the hand.

If you saw your son cheating during a youth league game of football, basketball, baseball or whatever what would be your punishment? A slap on the hand? These boys are watching this scandal play out and not seeing consequences. So are the NFL players. What is keeping them from cheating if the win still counts, they just have to pay a fine for their actions. Playing and winning is what matters to them. The players or team following the rules loses because of an unfair advantage. Who knows if they would have really won or lost but the bottom line is they were not given a fair game. There are rules for a reason. A deflated ball may seem silly and unimportant but it was important enough for an actual rule to be written so it should not be dismissed.

However this plays out or if this scandal ends up deflating much like the balls one thing is clear, Tom Brady thinks his balls were perfect.



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