Even if it isn’t regular, SOME is better than NONE

Yes, I'm talking exercise. You have big plans for the days when you can have a regular workout schedule 4x a week at the gym with an hour or hour and a half.  Why bother until you can do it on a regular basis? Why??  Because anything is better then nothing! Do some jumping jacks and lunges in the morning for 10 minutes, put on some music turn it up and dance like a maniac with the kiddos. Whatever you do something is better then the "All or nothing approach". It is crucial to your HEALTH not just vanity! The easiest way to get started (and it is FREE to do) is Walking.  Just get out there and do it. Take the kids, take the dog or just put on the headphones and go by yourself.

An interesting side note…

**Studies show that every hour of walking you may increase your life span by two hours.


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