It’s to HOT to Workout!

Seriously, I live in Houston and it is HOT and so far Rainy all Summer.  I have a treadmill however, it is sooooooooo boring.  I do it every now and then but let’s just say it took me over 10 minutes to find my shoes this weekend when I decided I needed to get some use out of it because they had not been on my feet in so long.  I having been wearing my “Fit Flops” and that has been the most excersise I have gotten all Summer. If you don’t have any, get some. They say they work your legs and butt as you walk. I don’t know if it is totally true or working but I have been using them so long I hate to stop incase it really causes things to go South.

My point, I’m writing this to be held accountable. Starting today I’m committing to doing at least 3 workout’s with Netflix from now until the end of Summer.  I have loaded up my queue and I’m ready to roll.  If you are reading this will you please be so kind as to shoot me an email to put down the Bacos (my favorite snack, I know it’s weird) and Fit Flix!

Update on Fit Flops:|main|dl5|link3|



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