It’s YOU Not Them, So Fix It And Get Out



It’s YOU Not Them, So Fix It And Get Out… Of Your Comfort Zone!

First let’s try a little free word association! I am going to list some words and you harness the feeling that each one gives you:

Filing Papers At Work

Leaving The Office At The End Of The Day

2 Weeks of Vacation

Getting Paid Every 2 Week

Taking 100% Ownership Of Your Future

Making Prospecting Calls

Hosting A Party To Promote Your Product


Chances are the first 4 gave you the feelings of status quo in your world. Things are as they should be. Yes, perhaps you would like to leave earlier or have another week of vacation but overall a feeling of normalcy and what is to be expected in life.  The last 3 probably gave you a bit of anxiety or fear of doing them because they involve stepping out of your comfort zone and exposing yourself to possible judgement and rejection. These bring on feelings of pain.

NOW, think about why you chose to start a business in network marketing. You probably watched a video or spoke to your upline about financial freedom, getting your time back for family, reaching for your dreams and your passion for helping others. All of this gives you feelings of excitement for your future! The sky is the limit because anyone really CAN do this! So, why aren’t you?

The answer is nothing new, you have not stepped out of your comfort zone, but the solution is easier then you think. Maybe you are saying to yourself “But I have stepped out of my comfort zone! I make calls, I have parties etc”. The reason none of that will make a difference right now is because of your frame of mind and the feelings you are associating inside and outside of your comfort zone.

Doing actions outside of your comfort zone will get you no where until the correct emotions are there to fuel the fire!

When you are stepping outside of your comfort zone with the fear and anxiety of judgment or rejection still in the back of your mind these emotions are blocking everything you do. No matter how “by the book” you do it! The core of Network Marketing is relationships. Relationships are all based on trust. If you are saying something about how wonderful your products and company are and even though you believe it in your core your emotions of fear and rejection are sending another signal and losing trust. Any objection they give you is not the real reason! The real reason is they have fear of doing it because you have fear of doing it.  Until you find a way to change those feelings you will have some success but not the success you pictured when you started.

So, the million dollar question is… How do you change your own emotions and feelings that are so ingrained in who you are?

At the beginning of this post we played a word association game. That is the KEY to unlocking your full potential. You need to associate more feelings of pain by being INSIDE your comfort zone. You need to associate that PAIN OF STAYING INSIDE your comfort zone, not the other way around! You need to associate the joy and freedom you feel by taking your future into your hands instead of the confinement of your current situation. Associate staying in your current job with the pain of not spending time with your kids. Associate making those calls as each one being a step towards that family dream vacation! Associate that feeling of getting that same average check every 2 weeks with the fear of not being able to afford retirement or your kids college. Associate those parties with how awesome if feels to make a difference in someone’s life and having them say “Thank you, because of you I can ____.”. Associating your WHY emotions with outside your comfort zone and those fear emotions with inside your comfort zone will lead to an overall mind-shift for you!

Once you have realized that your true emotions are really the pain of staying stuck and inside your comfort zone and the freedom of truly designing your future outside of your comfort zone, the passion in your message you have been trying to convey all along will shine through! It seems so simple but believe me it is not something that can be faked. You MUST define your Why. Associate the feelings involved with your why with going outside that comfort zone! Associate those feelings of the pain that drove you to make that step to make a change in your life with the fear of your future if you stayed inside that comfort zone.

“The key to change is to let go of fear.” Rosanne Cash

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