Our Family’s Secret Popcorn Ingredient

We LOVE our popcorn in this household! One of our favorite things to do on the weekends is a family movie with a big bowl of popcorn mixed with our famous SECRET ingredient. Yes, something my grandfather started with me and now I can’t eat it any other way. Kids come to our house and ask for our popcorn with the “Secret Ingredient” because our kids won’t tell them what it is. Believe me it is the only thing from my kitchen that I actually cook that is getting request. Heat and food do not mix well with me because it usually involves some sort of charring.

After our latest family movie night we were cleaning up and we dropped our favorite popcorn bowl! (yes, for those of you that know me well and keeping tabs on all that is ceramic I have broken lately this one wasn’t me!) It was a large old pasta bowl I had gotten with a set when my husband and I had moved in together before we were married. It was perfect because rather then being deep it was wide… perfect for getting the maximum amount of our secret ingredient smooshed onto your popcorn. YUMM! We had a lot of good popcorn in that bowl!

No problem.It was a free day and we had nothing to do except watch College Football (sorry babe!) so I suggested we run up to The Glazery and paint a new family popcorn bowl. The Glazery is one of those little places you go in and select a blank ceramic thing to paint and even if you are not artsy it turns out awesome. Perfect, right up my alley! We went in and selected the perfect bowl and after the shop guy showed us what was traditionally used as a popcorn bowl we explained the obsession and dedication we have to making each popcorn piece that best. He looked intrigued and I feel confident he went home and tried it. The kids picked out a couple things to paint too so we could get the base painting done on the bowl without them trashing the store. It was the 2nd day of January so I thought it best to not break a resolution of yelling at my kids so soon, at least in a public place where everyone would know.



What we did not know is how looooong it would take to paint a simple bowl. Each coat of paint must be painted on 3xs and be completely dry between each coat. This meant we were literally watching paint dry the majority of time we were there. We even had fans to make us feel as though we were hurrying the process along. About 2 hours in and only halfway done we realized we were going to have to stop and eat. This is when I realized my hubs was missing doing one of his very favorite things, watching football! It was right in the middle of all of the College Bowl games, ooops! He had just been sitting their quietly painting, Thanks Babe! We did get to watch about 30 minutes in the bar next door. Yes, this pretty much knocks me out of the mother of the year award for 2012 because I had my kids in a bar the 2nd day of the year but if it redeems me at all I only had a Diet Coke. It was also the closest option.

Finally we got to the fun part! The inside. We each picked out a “popcornish” color, T painted our name in the chosen color of each us and we did thumbprints to look like popcorn to match. 4 names, 4 colors! 

After 4 hours of painting we were done! Wow, that took patience. Now we only had to wait 1 week to see how the finished product would look. A week? Yes, in fact this entire progress was a test of my patience which is something I often lack. So we left with this…


and a week later picked up this…

and our very favorite part…

This is one of those things as a family we will cherish forever! It took so much longer than expected but we got out of it a day that we will always remember and every time we use it someone will say “Remember how long that took” and we will reference one of the things that made us laugh while we were sitting there watching paint dry. The memory will just be one more secret ingredient that will make the popcorn taste so good coming out of this bowl!

Want to know what the ingredient is?  Can you guess? What is your favorite thing to add to popcorn? Ours is GRATED PARMESAN CHEESE!



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