Savvy Suggestion: New Facebook Profile And Your Facebook Page

Check out your profile to make sure it is clean and organized. You have one chance for a first impression and THIS IS IT! This is extremely important when you are marketing yourself for business online with Facebook. Check out the video below for a Savvy Suggestion on connecting your Facebook page to your profile info. A few other things I see on profiles that are sending the wrong professional signal and how to fix… (share any of your tips below!)

1. Links that do not work. Always go back and double check your links once everything has been input to your profile. It is there to get clicked on and if you miss that chance with a bad link you probably won’t get it back with that person.

2. Check to make sure you have updated your info with the new profile page. Sometimes changes happen in life and we forget to update our profile. You might have put in your profile New To Such and Such but you have been doing it 2 years now.

3. Read over what you have written. Is it going to attract the people you want to work with to help you grow professionally? It is probably best to leave out the colorful language even if you are “Fuc*ing Brilliant” or a “Beeeatch that does not put up with S*it” because once you are friends I feel confident they will figure that out.

4. Make sure your personality shines through! I love it when I see someone has taken the time to write about themselves and share some info but sometimes it leaves me drooling on my keyboard in a deep sleep. Don’t over do it. Facebook is about building a relationship. The best flirt always engages you for just a bit and then leaves you wanting to know more (trust me on this), since this is “social” media the same rules apply.

5. If you have a facebook page connect this as “your employer” by typing in the name of the page and it will auto connect to select it and in the description list your capture page link first. Check out here for an example…

6 . Check your pictures at the top! These are always changing as you are tagged so check back to make sure it is what you are wanting your visitors to see first.


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Do you have a Facebook Page and need a Capture Page for it… I use and here is an example that I have been able to create with it: Facebook Welcome .



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