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Social networking sites, over the past few years, have rapidly increased in popularity, so much that facebook has eclipsed Google in popularity! I like to think of these sites kind of like free bulletin boards to the world where you can create a business profile that is all about networking and communicating with prospective customers and attracting new ones too. That said, it is all about SOCIAL networking. You can socialize for profit on facebook however there is certain etiquette you follow just as you would walking into a room of new people you don’t know.

*** Read the tip at the bottom of this post for a Very Important Word of Advice on gaining facebook friends and followers!

One of the many reasons why social networking sites are so popular from a business stand point is because they are a fantastic source of free advertising, not to mention fun to use, however they must be used wisely! Again SOCIAL Networking. The purpose is to be Social. Build a relationship! Network with old and new friends. Once you have connected on your page or profile it is important to build a relationship. Let them see a peek into who you are, something your close friends see. People will buy and do business with people they know and trust. Let people get to know you and get to know them.

Four Things you must do on Facebook:

1. Let People Get to Know You

2. Get the “Me Toos” Going

3. Actively Get to Know Your Friends and Followers

4. GIVE x10, Ask x1 (This is HUGE!)


1. Let People Get To Know You Imagine for a minute having the ability to reach hundreds if not thousands of people all interested in what you have to say! I love to visualize this actually because as a mom even those that love me more than anything don’t listen to what I have to say half the time unless it is at an extremely loud decibel. Different topic, different section of this blog. On facebook though people are there to hear what you have to say or share! Keep them engaged. We all love inside scoop! Post pictures of you out to dinner with friends, post an update that your Mom is coming for a visit…Simple things that let them see a glimpse into your life. Keep it professional. I like to think of it as things you would tell your close co-workers or neighbors.

2. Get the “Me Toos” Going You want people to be active on your updates and statuses for a couple reasons. This will put you in their active newsfeed (facebook uses algorithms to select who is shown) and it will also serve as a relationship/communication builder. Example…You make a Post Of: “Coke or Pepsi?” Or “Who wants _____ to Win American Idol?” or something that is a mainstream question that will have people either agreeing, answering or giving you a like on the comment. You can now Reply back to them and start a conversation. This is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship. The whole reason you are on facebook!

3. Actively Get to Know Your Friends and Followers Similar to the Me Toos but in this case spend try to connect with those you are friends with. Reply and Respond to other people’s status updates. Swing by their “Walls” Just to say Hi and comment on something about their profile that you can both connect on. Don’t sell or advertise to them! Just a simple “Thought I would swing by and say HI! I just noticed we both love Kid Rock, what is your favorite song?” This will again, build a link to a conversation. Comment on their pictures about how adorable their kids are or their fur babies. Be genuinely interested in getting to know them!

4.GIVE x10, Ask x1 (This is HUGE!) If you are constantly asking people to read your latest blog post, call a sizzle line, join a page or whatever they will start to ignore you. It is better to GIVE then to RECEIVE! What?? Yep, don’t worry. You will receive later once you have that relationship. Give fun information, valuable information, inside scoop etc for 10 updates and then on the 11th maybe ask them to give your latest YouTube video a thumbs up or to share your latest Blog Post with their Friends if they Like It. Get the Me Toos and they are more willing to do what you ask! I want you to keep in mind the main goal of socializing for profit on facebook is meeting new people, expanding your network, building new relationships and increasing the visibility of you. People will work with you because of YOU. This can all be done once you learn how to use social network sites correctly.

*** Word of Advice Tip: When making new Friend Request you should always utilize the Personalized Message Option and send a personalized message to friends request as to why you would like to connect. It can be as simple as “Hi ____, I see you are an Online Marketer like me. Let’s connect so we can share ideas! Thanks”

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