What Is MonaVie RVL, Review and Is This the Second Chance at a Ground Floor Opportunity


You are probably reading this because, like me, you are wondering what is Monavie RVL and why all of the buzz? I am not a MonaVie rep and am in no way affiliated with MonaVie. I am a network marketer and am always on the lookout for what is happening in the industry. If you are looking for secrets of how to grow your business and tired of struggling fill in the application on the Partner With Me page right now.

MonaVie has been a leader in the functional beverage and network marketing industry since it’s launch in 2005. If you are not familiar with MonaVie let me give you a quick introduction. Since the original MonaVie, now known as MonaVie Essential, six new products have been added to the MonaVie product line. The MonaVie Product Overview on the company website promotes that the powerful antioxidant support of MonaVie’s beneficial products provides to joints, heart and immune health are the nutrition you need for a healthy and active lifestyle. All of this thanks to the açai berry which is at the foundation of the MonaVie blend of eighteen other beneficial fruits. MonaVie has taken the steps to protect the signature ingredient by creating a groundbreaking complex now named AçaVie ™ which utilizes a patent protected process to lock in vital nutrients. Clearly this is a company with a solid belief in the products it produces as well as providing support for it’s distributors by giving them a patented product to sell.

MonaVie has now positioned themselves for the next big wave in the health industry and asks their future distributors, What have you been “Weighting” for?

Enter MonaVie RVL, Reveal Your Best Self. MonaVie’s answer to Weight Management products. With the statistics MonaVie provides such as:

77% of US adults 20+ are overweight (24-30 BMI)

78% have tried losing weight at least once

34% of these adults are Obese (30+ BMI)

It is easy to see this is a market in demand and MonaVie distributors and future MonaVie distributors will have a Ground Floor Opportunity. Those that missed the early days of the tremendous MonaVie Network Marketing growth will have their turn to be in the Right Place at the Right Time. An important factor in this to point out is that the new MonaVie product is not what is giving everyone that second chance. Today’s Economy is what is giving everyone that second chance. Never before have more people turned to Entrepreneurship and Network Marketing in such huge numbers!

MonaVie RVL boasts more nutrition per calorie than any other product on the market currently in the weight management category. The containers for MonaVie RVL are not yet designated with the marketing logos, colors and text since this is the initial pre-launch phase. There are three Weight Management products a Nutrition Shake, Dietary Supplement Capsules and Nutrition Snack Bars. The plan is the traditional replace two meals and a snack with MonaVie RVL, eat a healthy dinner and exercise. MonaVie has also designed a Weight Management Website as a tool to use with the plan that allows users to track meals and assist as a virtual counselor. If all of these things are what you are looking for plus you would like to get it FREE monthly you need to visit this link right away and watch the 4 short videos: Lose Weight And Do It For FREE

People are not often presented with second chances. If you are a current MonaVie distributor or are doing your due diligence in researching to become a MonaVie distributor it is imperative you develop your marketing skills to capture this second chance. Position yourself to be in the 3% of the network marketers that succeed. Anyone can be successful in the network marketing industry, unfortunately 97% fail because they do not have a plan or the knowledge of the whole picture. In order to succeed you must have a duplicatable system. In the MLM industry network marketers are being trained to be sales people. Very few people have the skills needed to build a large organization using the sales approach alone. As with any business starting in today’s economy, marketing skills and training skills will determine your success. Simply joining MonaVie or any company during this ground floor opportunity time will not guarantee your success. Your success is based on your ability to create a constant flow of high quality leads and teach them a system to do the same.

How can you do this? I had the same questions when I was getting started with network marketing. As I mentioned in the beginning of this article I do not work with and am in no way affiliated with MonaVie however building any network marketing business takes many of the same tools and skills.  Like you, I was hungry for success and knew if other people out there were achieving success in Network Marketing there was no reason I could not do the same. I researched and handpicked the best people to team up with and learn from, not only for myself but for the entire team I was building. (What is ironic is that a few of those leaders are actually former Black Diamond Monavie leaders that chose to leave what they had built in MonaVie behind and create something bigger.)

Anyone who has made it to the top in this industry starting at the ground level with no experience is there because they did not give up! Distributors of any direct selling company with success all started at the same place you did. The difference between those that don’t succeed and those of us that do is the commitment to themselves and to their team. People will work with you because of what you can provide. There are thousands of distributors that someone looking to join a network marketing company can enroll with. If you want to truly succeed with in any network marketing business, you absolutely must have a system that those enrolling with you can reproduce and the proper Mentor that will show you how to become the leader it takes to grow your team to the top.

Today’s economy is giving you a second opportunity to join the coveted title of “Network Marketing Success Story” or even MLM Millionaire. Choosing the leader to work with is the TOP priority in the first step of your success. This will be what makes a difference in your future. You need the guidance of what that path is your going to take to the top.

Stop the struggle now. Join a team of leaders with a healthy mission, fill in the application on the Partner With Me Page right now.




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