Why a Home Based Business?

The home-based business is where innovation begins! There is power in starting a home-based business. It comes from taking the future into your own hands, from doing what YOU want to do. Home based businesses are hot right now. Over 175 thousand people in the US start a home-based business every week. Small business is the engine of the economy. Right now the economy is down but home based business are up. In fact they have stayed steady over the last several decades, and their usual activity even increased last time we had a recession.

If you are reading this then you have that fire in you to start your own business or maybe you already have a home based business. Let me be up front and tell you if someone tells you “make $10,000 your first month” or “work only 3 hours a week and be able to quite your current job” it is quite frankly untrue. OK, maybe someone is out there doing that but it is not the norm. A home based business will give you freedom and whether you are a MOMpreneur like me looking for a way to contribute to her family or someone that is already working a traditional job and looking for extra income or to build a future that will consist of you being your own boss a home based-business is your answer. The building your business part does take work and you will get out of your business what you put into it. This is my nice way of saying…home based business is not a get rich quick answer. Successful businesses take months or even years to build but will allow you a residual income and in the long run your hard work will pay off. Keep your eye on the prize. Apple, Amazon and Google are just a few of today’s best known companies that started as home based businesses. Of coarse not all of us are going to start billion dollar companies but the point is, just as these companies have, don’t be discouraged by obstacles and you as a home based business owner have the opportunity to build a business that will succeed.

The biggest question you are probably asking is, how do I choose a home based business? I can tell you from experience there are a million and one answers to that and everyone you ask will tell you their own opinion. The most important opinion is yours. What are you passionate about? Let me share a story with you of my home based business background and why I consider myself to be successful. After having my first son it was clear to me that the job I had considered my dream job was no longer just that because my focus and passion had shifted. I was fortunate enough that my husband was able to support our new little family with his income if we made the proper cut backs and, along with my parents help, I was able to quit my job to become a stay at home mom. Shortly after I was looking for way to contribute to my family and still be there to be able to stay home with my son. At this time my life revolved around Birth Announcements, Birthday Parties and Thank You Notes so the answer was right in front of me. I started a stationery business! I had a built in network with my friends all needing these and I loved being able to put my sales skills and organizational skills to work so off I went into the entrepreneurial (MOMpreneurial) world. I grew this business for three years and later sold it to a local boutique. My passion and focus had now changed as we moved into the suburbs. I fell in love with neighborhood involvement which lead me to see my next business opportunity with the networking I was now involved with so I became a Realtor! This has been a successful business for me because I am able to be there for my kids, conduct a profitable business and still control my schedule. Still loving the Real Estate business I came across another opportunity that fit into my family with a focus on nutrition and commitment to our health (ok, my commitment to my family’s health since my kids commitment is more to Cheetos but this creates a good balance). Now, I say all of this to tell you I consider myself to be successful because as a MOMpreneur I have been able to keep my focus on my family and still fulfill that business aspect of my personality because I have chosen opportunities that are already a part of our lifestyle and create revenue streams from them. My point being, what would be a good fit for your lifestyle? I know several successful MOMpreuers and all of them have picked things that they already have a knowledge of and they want to reach out to others and help them with this. So back to the question, how do I choose a home based business? You choose it based on what excites you!

Now imagine having a business that excites you and allows you to make a difference in your families life, possibly help your friends and acquaintances with your service and creating income for your future. There are also additional benefits! Tax benefits can be very advantageous for home based businesses. Consult your CPA and do some research on exactly what benefits you receive being a home business owner. This is yet another way to increase your income. Other benefits to being a home based business probably go without saying but they are so fun to talk about. Gain control over your life. Think about that. What would working from home do for you? For your family? What would you do with more control? More income? YOU can create a business that is right for you!



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