Breathe by Michael W. Smith Just Brought Tears To My Eyes

I’m having one of those weeks that everything seems to be done right this second…an event at school I am helping with for my sons, a key week with my business, playoffs and parties for end of season sports, rodeo cook off which means my husband needs to be out entertaining so these next few days are going to be insane. Good insane but those times where you are like “I don’t have time to Breathe!” I can’t wait until Sunday when it is all over.  As I was driving back from an appointment and thinking about the order I was going to conquer my day today I heard Breathe by Michael W. Smith come on the station in my car. I turned it up not realizing yet what song it was but knowing I liked it because it reminded me of a Women’s Retreat with my church I went on a couple years ago.

The Women’s Retreat was a great weekend filled with small gathering sessions of some women that are my best friends and some that I had never met. It was a place that you could speak about anything and everything. We heard stories form other women about some deep hurt they have had or wonderful heartfelt happiness. We all shared stories of how much we love our families and the guilt we have that sometimes we want to escape from them. Discussions of how much we all take on as women not as martyrs just following our instincts to care and take care of things. We do this for our children, our husbands, our parents, our extended families, our friends, our jobs, our communities and on and on and on. We do all of this because it is fulfilling to us to do these things! We want to do these things!  Occasionally  though there are points we become resentful or sometimes feel overwhelmed and we get mad at ourselves that we can’t handle it all. It was so refreshing to hear that I am not the only one that doesn’t have it all together. Every single women in that room had the same feelings as me. How is it that we love to give give give and do and help and care and then suddenly we hit a wall! Why do we then get mad at ourselves for hitting the wall and resenting things when we grabbed them close to us and said “Yes, I will take care of this”?

At the end of weekend we all gathered into a small church there at the camp grounds and had the church service that sort of wrapped up the weekend and what we would do to leave there feeling revitalized. At the end one of the worship leaders from our church that has just an amazingly sweet voice led us all, with no music in the background, to sing Breathe. It was such a powerful moment to hear that church filled with all of us, women of all ages and stages of our lives, singing this song together. Knowing that we had shared such deep discussions with each other…and of course, as women, we would now each be taking on each others struggles we had heard about in our hearts along with our own. Then listening to the song and singing it just gave such relief.

I needed that today. The song could not have come at a more perfect time. It was a reminder to not let myself feel overwhelmed. Breathe. It will be fine. I even took some time to type this out real quick because I wanted to share it with everyone that we all feel it sometimes. Just Breathe. It will be OK. In fact me taking the time to do this for myself I look at the clock now and I have less time to get things done than I would have but I know it will be fine. Breathe.

We had a lot of  fun that weekend so I thought I would share a few pics. I also learned what it meant to be short-sheeted (“Oh, I will put your sheets on, I love doing stuff like that” thanks Amy that was an awesome laugh!) and what lengths we will go to on revenge when someone “vandalizes” our room with our own bras and panties!

I posted some pics on my Facebook Page: Women’s Retreat Pics

Breathe – Michael W. Smith




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