What does your Lipstick Shape say about you?

I was putting on my makeup the other day and fumbling through one of my drawers looking for a certain lipstick. It was a moment that you think to yourself “geez if I had the money back from all of these lipsticks…” because on my bad days when I need to soothe myself with retail therapy it usually always involves a lipstick or new lip gloss.Do I really need this many options of the almost exact shade?? Yes.

They always fit! I can wear it on a bloated day. They don’t really go out of style just renamed. Sure some colors are in one season more than others but does the lipstick display ever really look any different at the counter? You still need it to go with your skin tone and if you can’t wear “Girl About Town” and “Politely Pink” looks better that is what you go with!

It also reminded me of seeing a “What your Lipstick Shape says about you chart.” in several of the magazines growing up. This reminded me as I read them as a teenager I actually reshaped my lipstick because I wanted to be something else on the chart, not what mine was saying. That sentence says ALOT about me as a teenager. Wanting people to see me differently, trying to appear perfect or my image of perfect, my lipstick shape wasn’t good enough. Stuff Teenage Dreams are made of, unless you are Katy Perry apparently. I of coarse had to immediately stop what I was doing and google it.

(Side note, it doesn’t actually take me an hour to get ready I can do it all in 30 minutes shower to out the door but I am easily sidetracked and need to allow for this in my timing.)

So, what does yours say about you:  Lipstick Chart

I can’t tell what I am! This is a pic of my current go to favorite MAC “Cut A Caper”…

From what I can see it is most like “Rounded Tip To A Point” with the meaning of Loveable, Family Oriented, Domestic, A “Doer”, Stubborn over little things, Exaggerates, Needs people around. I agree with those but I was really hoping for something with more of an edge like “Sharp Angle Tip’s” description. Growing out of those teenage tendencies I have decided whatever, I’m all of the descriptions really just depending on the day. I also have friends now that won’t judge me by lipstick shape and accept me as a “Rounded Tip To A Point”. Still fun to look at though!

I want to hear from yall! What does yours say about you?

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