Super Bowl XLV and a celebration of the end of Football Season!

It isn’t that I hate football, I just like to celebrate that I have Sunday’s back now. If your husband is like mine often mid-August through January if anything is planned on a Sunday that we are invited to I hear “What! Don’t they know so-and-so is playing?”. I do like football and all of the pageantry you just won’t often (read…ever) find me sitting in front of the TV watching it. I see the score at the end I get the gist. My husband sits through Real Housewives, or at leasts listens to it while he is falling asleep, marriage really is give and take.

So…..Super Bowl! Full of pageantry, live action, celebrity sightings, live music, celebration and doing something sporty with my husband wrapped into one! Let’s do this!!!

The plan was for Tim to drive up Thursday to see clients and get in the Super Bowl Spirit of things and I would fly up Saturday morning. Panic set in that I might not be able to get into Dallas after The Great Snizzle (This is how the Houston weather people refer to Snow and Drizzle) of 2011 in Houston. I saw this posted on facebook and there really is no way better to describe what happened in Houston Thursday afternoon – Saturday morning.

What is a girl to do!?! I rescheduled my flight to leave Saturday afternoon when the weather would get up to a bearable 55 degrees. Really, I was more concerned about being able to land in Dallas because they actually did get snow and the airports shut down for a short time on Friday morning and I was not taking that risk on Saturday morning. Planes were delayed but that is nothing I can’t handle. Especially when there is a Pappadeaux’s Restaurant right by my gate. A little bit of my favorite gumbo with a glass of Albarino and my spirits were flying high, ready for take off!

Welcome to Dallas and my incredibly hunky driver (answers to the name of Tim) whisks me away for my weekend of Super Bowl fun. Much of our planning was last minute so apparently Hotels were hard to come by around there. Chatting away about the party he went to the night before about 2 minutes before we get to our accommodations he slides in “Oh, this ended up being a Motel.” If you were inside my head at that moment it would have sounded like a record scratch stop. Glad I had that Albarino!

Oh well, it wasn’t really that bad and we were not here to chill at the Hotel Motel we had a Super Bowl Weekend to experience! One of my best friends lives in Dallas and, in a very lucky coincidence, my husband’s Uncle and Cousin had won an all expense paid trip to the Super Bowl so we headed out for a fun night.

Up Next SUPER BOWL XLV! Yes, it really is as awesome as you think it would be in person. There were so many people and everyone is buzzing around super excited and in great moods (well, most of them, read this to see why we saw a few that were not feeling very celebratory Seating Debacle). I won’t bore you with to many details but how about a few highlights?  The Cowboy’s stadium is beautiful! It looks like a posh hotel with bars and restaurants inside. Tim & I were able to score a seat in one of the bars right on the edge where celebs would be walking to their suites. A-Rod, Cameron Diaz, Randy Jackson, Alec Baldwin, Seth Meyers and others zoomed by. We walked to our seats and noticed Chelsea Handler’s suite was right by us. I think she is hilarious and when I saw her apparently I also thought we were BFFs because I waved to her like I would wave to a good friend in a rush as if to signal “I will be right back I have to go over here a second” and she waved back! I am pretty sure she didn’t come back out of her suite until she knew the coast was clear of me. We found our seats and just took it all in. And by all in I mean the incredible 60 yard television screen that is so crystal clear I found myself watching that more than the field itself. Wow! I wish they had shown the Super Bowl ads on it during the commercial break. They did show us about 3,000 snickers logos though throughout the game and we found ourself saying and craving snickers for the following 24 hours. We were rooting for Green Bay and not knowing football I had a great system to know when to cheer. When the Steelers fans in front of us stood up and cheered I sat down, when they sat down I jumped up and cheered. My “Highlight Reel”:

And so goes my first Super Bowl Experience. Sad that it is over and thankful for coffee to get me through the next morning after a full 15 hours of all that is football. I really want to say THANK YOU to CBS Radio, Sarah Frazier, my delightful escort Tim Gratzer and my Mom and Dad for watching the kiddos! Next year is the Texans’ year : )

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