Article Marketing Does The Work For You

Article marketing is one of the most popular, effective, and cost-efficient (FREE) internet marketing tools available.

What is Article Marketing? How does it work? The idea here is to be able to capture potential clients organically from the internet. This happens a number of ways. First, by using an article writing platform such as Ezine (there are others but we will use this as an example) you have an opportunity to benefit from a site with proven SEO rankings to drive people to your article. Second, article marketing sites allow you to insert links in the author box on your article that can direct people to your website/blog/product etc. By writing articles you have the chance to showcase your in-depth knowledge in your field to potential clients and allow them to see you as an expert and they can click on your link to find out more about you, your product or whatever you have linked to the article. Third, with the use of articles you can narrow down to a small niche and really speak to their needs. This happens by writing to a specific group and using specific keywords for that group.

One example of an article I have posted on Ezine can be found if you type in ….Network Marketing On My Terms to your search engine. It ranks on the first page of all of them. Mine is the article that starts “Yes, I ran from network marketing every time I was approached”. When people come across my article and if they in anyway connect with it they will click on the link to my blog. I have just driven a free lead to my blog and it is someone that is searching for something I have to offer.

What could you write about? Here are some thoughts…

If you are a Realtor in a certain market, let’s call it Lolly for this example, you could write an article about How To Sell My Own Home In Lolly In the bodies of these article you can both give them the info they are looking for such as staging, cleaning, marketing and also use this opportunity to subtly state how much easier this would be with an agent. At the bottom of the article you can have a link to a page on your website/blog that has a video on preparing your home for sale. This gives you the opportunity to bring them to your website and drive them to register for your autoresponder or purchase a product you offer. Another example would be Garage Sale Tips In Lolly and this could capture people that are doing a garage sale in preparation for a move!

If you have a network marketing business involved in clothes or fashion you could write an article on Staying Trendy Without Going Broke. You can discuss trends, what to wear and even subtly discuss staying trendy and creating income.

Don’t let article marketing intimidate you. This isn’t something you have to do everyday. Get a few good ones out there they will do the work for you!

Any tips on this topic? What are your favorite article marketing platforms?

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