Can you have it all? Career, Marriage, Motherhood…

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When I started my career as a single college graduate, I had high expectations.  Graduating in a tough economy I took the first sales job offered, luckily with a stable company, and proceeded to work my way up the corporate ladder.  I moved 7 times in 8 years while working in the consumer products industry. I was the youngest district manager in the history of the company and at the age of 25 had men in their 40's and 50's working for me.  The travel was fabulous; all those cities I was able to experience on my expense account.  In early marriage, my husband and I would meet in various cities on the weekends depending on our work travel schedule, and it really was fun.  I would stay at some of the same hotels quite frequently so the managers would upgrade me;  at one point I was staying in larger suites than my actual apartment.
When I had my first child I figured I could do it all; handle motherhood and a career, after all I had worked so hard to get to the six figure income and bonuses I really did not want to give it up.  Then God blessed us with our first child, a beautiful girl.  Luckily my mother lived close by and I worked from a home office so I was able to have a nanny at home while I worked, and when I traveled my Husband and Mother filled helped fill my role.  I swore that if it ever got to be "too much" or my priorities were out of whack I would give up the career.  The travel became overwhelming, I would fly 4 hours to hear that my baby had a fever.  The family planning behind the scenes for me to attend a work meeting was ridiculous;  I switched companies to improve my schedule. Second child came, a boy, another blessing. It is a little bit of a blur now, as I lost my Mother to cancer and relocated a few years ago.  We had become accustomed to the lifestyle with the dual income and I was starting to realize my priorities were not in line. My husband encouraged me to leave my job because of my stress level; how did I ever do it all?
My precious daughter turned 11 and in one day I realized I did not have enough energy left to support her through this crazy adolescent pre-teen hormonal time. I prayed.  I had faith, and yes finally,  I quit my corporate job after 20 years of such success.  I knew that Motherhood was a gift and honestly, my time was not reflective of my priorities.  I had faith. Today I am building my career again, but this time on my terms.  I am proud of the companies I represent on my own terms and time.

Sozo: I am an independent distributor for a fast growing functional beverage company.  With a history in consumer products, I have seen thousands of new items over the years.  Sozo is unique, good for you and rewarding.  I honestly had an issue with affiliating myself with a network marketing company, initially.  The President of the company spent hours addressing my questions.  It is truly a brilliant concept if done properly, network marketing.  This distribution method allows you to grow faster in more geography all while maintaining control of the product, price, placement, etc….This is a whole food product that has no synthetics, no preservatives and many health benefits.  Once I got to know the management team, I realized these people were more successful than the ones I had worked for in corporate sales.  Ground floor opportunity, home office benefits and sharing the product with others.   It was a no-brainer.  We recently had the President of Sozo come to Houston for a tasting with some of our new reps. This truly is a company that will go the extra mile to help you grow your business. Watch one of the videos to see what it is all about. SOZO Info

Real Sports Fundraising: When my Mom had cancer I felt compelled to fight for the cause.  I even interviewed with a non-profit to support Ovarian Cancer fund-raising; it was not really the right timing or position for me.  Now I am a consultant for Real Sport Fundraising which was created to help charities, schools and non-profits meet their fundraising goals.  I bring sports memorabilia and fundraising together.  We provide items for silent/live auctions to groups at no cost or risk.  We also host online auction events for groups on our private, secure site.  I am so excited to be affiliated with a company that helps organizations meet their goals.  My husband and son, both huge sports guys think it is cool too! Leaving my safe corporate job was a difficult decision, I only wish I would have had the courage and faith to make it sooner.

P.S. Save your energy and patience for the teenage years (more needed than the pre-teen).



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