My reality is all about the Fantasy, Football that is…

I'm going to make a statement that no one will debate.

My husband loves football!

We have been married over 10 years and you would think I would have picked up a little something or gotten wrapped up in the pageantry of it all. Actually, the pageantry is what I like. The rest is over my head. Lines to the bathroom or getting food during a game are never long for me because during all of the play time I have it all to myself. During half time when the crowd rushes I snuggle into my seat to see what local high-school band might be performing or watching the cheerleaders with fond memories of how much I wanted to be one as a child. Being the true sports lover that my husband is, going to the games and watching them on TV was not fulfilling enough. He was involved in Fantasy Football and I just did not get it. I told him more then a few times how ridiculous I thought it was. One year he found a Fantasy Fashion League for me to play in so I could understand how fun it was to be involved in something on that level for pure entertainment. I have to say I did love it and it paid off, my friend Jennifer that played along with me won a trip for us to go to Hollywood  for Oscars weekend, attend some parties and stay at the Roosevelt Hotel all on someone else's tab. Not to mention some cute purses and other fun products we won. OK, now I get it. On top of that, all of this time my husband has invested in his love of sports and football actually worked him towards a goal of recently landing a perfect job scenario for him as GSM of the Texans Radio Network.

Well I have finally given in that this marriage is Tim, Me and Football and am now a Fantasy Football Team Owner. Yes, I'm the proud coach of Tim's Tight End team. I still have no idea what is going on but I look at the stats and make trades just so my projected number is higher than my opponents. Of course those are just projections and the joke is usually on me when my team scores half of what they should and sometimes my players even score and then go back and lose points. I don't know why it happens and actually I don't really care. What is fun though is that I read stuff about players and can contribute to some football conversation with my husband. I don't know if I'm using the words right but I'm trying. So today the season begins and so does the smack talk, perhaps my favorite part of all of this!  The team I'm playing actually named himself Tritobeatme so seriously, he is just asking for it. Wish me luck!



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