Elf On The Shelf Adventures

Our family has finally adopted an Elf On The Shelf. I had resisted for a few years because we were already doing an Advent Calendar that the chocolates magically appear in each day if we have all been good so we were pretty much covered in the “Where do we stand with Santa?” department. First day back after Thanksgiving and the buzz during the morning drive to school in carpool was what everyone’s Elf On The Shelf had been doing, where he had been found, what he had been named and what would happen next. Guilt kicked in that my kids were not a part of this so Jolly, our Elf On The Shelf, was quickly adopted.

If you aren’t familiar with Elf On The Shelf the quick run down is…

1. NO ONE can touch the Elf or he will lose his Magic.

2. He listens and watches what everyone is up to and reports back to the North Pole every night.

3. Later that night when he arrives back from his reporting duties he finds a new place to hang out for the day.

We are only 2 days in but I have to tell you…I LOVE HIM!  My kids are so excited about Jolly and are giving him the royal treatment.  Maybe a little make-good for other things not so great through the year that might reflect in the gift department. I should probably consider making him a little midnight treat for a few of my mishaps this year. We are pretty sure our dog Chief’s stocking will be full of coal unless he can figure out how to use the doggy door and quit using the living room rug as grass. Oh well, none of us are perfect. I’m thankful the rest of us are potty trained though.

So, Jolly’s adventures begin…


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