Brazilian Blowout Controversy

This past August I took my frizzy out of control haired self to the Salon for a Brazilian Blowout and yes, it was life altering! If you have straight shiny hair just stop reading now and don’t bother commenting on the controversy because unless you have experienced battling with this type of hair all of your life you will not understand and your likely comment of “I wouldn’t take the risk” is not welcome here. For everyone else out there you will understand my latest obsession and why in October my heart sank when I read a press release by Oregan’s OSHA alleging that the Brazilian Blowout Hair Treatment contains high levels of formaldehyde and dangerous exposure levels.

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Was all I could think to myself as I went into a panic and started washing my hair every third day to preserve what might have been my one and only Brazilian Blowout and my “Good Hair” days were numbered. I had to at least make it last through the Holidays.

I started researching everything on the Internet as I always do when I want to proven something wrong. This is a little over my head though seeing as how I only have an Associates Degree in Fashion Merchandising from a local community college and have based my career success on being a trustworthy likeable person. None of this conveys to my readers any reason to trust anything I would say scientifically so rather then try to regurgitate all of the things I have read I am going to direct you to a blog I have found that has kept up with the news and has made it very easy for one to follow the trail of press releases and related information. I will say that in reading everything it did seem like some sort of smear campaign from Oregan’s OSHA to Brazilian Blowout. In one statement I read that was a follow up released by Oregan’s OSHA was “Although it was not exceeded, the highest short-term exposure represents 94 percent of the short-term limit.” So, doesn’t that mean that Brazilian Blowout was following the rules? They were under the limit. Should I rephrase and say that Oregan OSHA was 100% wrong that limits were exceeded since the test result listed it as 6% under the limits? “Oregon OSHA also conducted air monitoring during treatments using the Brazilian Blowout smoothing product at five different salons where a single treatment was conducted over the course of the day. Averaging over an eight-hour period, worker exposures ranged from 0.006 parts per million (ppm) to 0.331 ppm. These compare to a permissible exposure limit of 0.75 ppm. Although the limit was not exceeded for any of these stylists, multiple treatments would increase the daily average significantly.” Really, since they were there 8 hours why did they not go ahead and test that? It also goes on to state “Oregon OSHA notes that the recommended exposure limits of both the American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) are much more protective than the regulatory levels adopted by OSHA. Almost all the sample results in these cases exceeded both the ACGIH and NIOSH recommended levels.” However when I looked on the NIOSH, ACGIH and CDC sites there were no reports of any of this. The limits I found listed there were the same .75.

Overall, obviously formaldehyde is not good for you. I know that. This is why OSHA and other government agencies set safety guidelines. I also understand that some people might not want to use the product. I am upset though that Oregan OSHA is throwing claims out there that Brazilian Blowout is breaking rules, and then saying well “almost breaking rules” and still putting out bad press on the product. Who knows, maybe it was started by a competing product. Am I making a decision that everyone will agree with to continue to get a Brazilian Blowout? No, I personally know people that will tell me I’m crazy for still doing it. I do a lot of things people don’t agree with such as botox, fillers, saline implants and who knows what I will try next in my quest for feeling young and hot. I will also have people calling asking if I found another Salon that will still do the treatment. I did and when I went in they did put a big air purifying fan by me, offered me a mask the stylist wore gloves and when I asked her about the controversy and we discussed it she did not seem concerned. I was sort of laughing at the drama of her handing me a mask but she replied they have been doing this all along and it really isn’t anything knew in beauty treatments, they want to make the clients as comfortable as possible. Actually Nail techs they wear them in some nail salons that I frequent. Don’t let Oregan’s OSHA know because if someone takes my mani/pedis away I might go over the edge?

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think about the Brazilian Blowout!

This is the blog that has great updates on the subject…A Mom in Red High Heels

I received my latest treatment last week at

Beauty Indulgence in Sugar Land with Kim 281-277-7007.

I am just as pleased as I was the first go!

Couple things to know about it…

1) You will need to use the Brazilian Blowout Products only on your hair to extend the life of the treatment. I have linked it below the video for you if you would like to purchase it on Amazon.

2) You can color your hair right before the treatment but will need to wait at least 2 weeks after if you decide to color your hair after.

3) You will LOVE the results!

Check out the YouTube post I made with my results. Most of the pics in there are of my hair air drying not being blown dry. I don’t often have time to blow dry my hair which is another reason I love this product because my hair still looks full and shiny. The Brazilian Blowout is an investment and does not come cheap. If you have hair like me you will think it is worth every penny! Maybe you are looking for ways to have a little bit of extra income to afford things like this, check out more of my blog because I can help!


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