Imagine Saving A Life

It is that time of year where we reflect on the past and prepare for the future. A few years ago I made one of the easiest New Year’s resolutions and I kept it! In fact I follow up with it every year now.  I had been telling myself for a few years I wanted to sign up to be a Blood Marrow Donor but never taken the time to do it. It was never on my to do list just in my head as something I wanted to do. I guess I thought it would take a lot of time or I would possibly be denied. I often try to donate blood but because I am so anemic my numbers are never at the level they should be and I’m turned away. Now it was my resolution and all I had to do was do this and success, no guilt of failure of my resolution.

So why sign up? Watch this video…


A few minutes is all it takes to join the national list of marrow donors. I filled out a card with my contact info and some health questions. They swiped the inside of my cheeks with swabs and that was it!

Check out Be The Match for more information.



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