25 Things About Me

1. I only write in pencil unless it is something that requires pen and to take it a step further my favorite pencils are the mechanical ones.

2. I refuse to sign my name in Red.

3. Hill Country Fare Bac'n Bites are my favorite food. It used to be Bacos but these have a better bacon flavor.  It is my bacon indulgence without as many calories.  I pour them in the palm of my hand and swig them back.  My kids now have the same habit.

4. I love to laugh and it is sometimes to loud and I throw my head back so I don't get a double chin. It doesn't always work.

5. Yes, I'm that vain.

6. Favorite song #1 Benny and the Jets. Sometimes it make me cry with happiness because it reminds me of my dad.  When I was pregnant with my first son my dad got very sick and I truly believe the grace of God is the reason he is still here because the doctors were not so positive.  When my first son was almost one and I had the song on really loud in the car and he started bouncing around in his car seat and giggling. In that moment I choked back tears that I would be able to replay the scene for my dad.

7. Favorite song #2 Let Love Rule by Lenny Kravitz. I actually redid my wedding flowers at the last second because of a moment with the lights during that song at a Lenny concert that made me feel so good! Purple and Red Lights flashing around with that song so loud you could feel it in your bones.  So, there you go. I had purple and red flowers.

8. I get anxiety when I'm late for things or running late for things.

9. I met my husband in a bar and knew when I met him I would marry him. We didn't date for a few years we were friends first and I would call him about all of my dates good and bad so he knew I was a hot commodity : )

10. I wanted to get married in Vegas and use money that would have gone towards a wedding for life but my mom and husband wanted a church wedding. They won but on our 7th anniversary we went to Vegas and had our "Vegas Wedding".

11. I hate working out and only do it so I can eat what I want. I don't get that "It feels so good" feeling and think it is a myth. For the past 2 years I have been taking Pole dancing classes at S Factor and do love that though!

12. I wanted to be Sissy from Urban Cowboy when I was growing up. Living in Houston my parents went to Gilley's and I could not wait to be old enough to go there. It was closed by that time but I have seen the movie so many times I have flashbacks about it.

13. I try not to care what other people think but it's really hard!

14. If I come back in another life I want to be a fish. It would be even better if I was a fish in Saltwater so I can be colorful, have teeth and maybe meet Dori and Nemo.

15. Sometimes I cry in church because I believe and other times I cry because I don't and I feel like a big fake.

16. Given the choice of Cheese and Crackers or Cake I'm going for the Cheese and Crackers.

17. If I am walking with a friend I NEVER let a pole go between us just incase that superstition has some truth. I don't want to risk it. 

18. I don't understand why Gay Marriage is not legal. It's ridiculous that is even an issue. 

19. I would rather be behind a camera instead of in front of it. I love the click it makes and feel such a sense of satisfaction.

20. My favorite way to get out of a sticky situation or a situation where I think people are just plain wrong is to play dumb and say I'm confused until they agree with me and the way I want it done.

21. I was not born with the gift of gab unless fueled by an adult beverage.

22. Often, I'm so organized I'm unorganized.

23. Pot lucks gross me out unless I know the people really well and have seen their kitchens and how they cook.

24. My middle name when I was growing up was Diane and I always forgot how to spell it and had to ask my mom and dad. Even typing this I had to google it to see if it had an E on the end. I dropped it when I got married and made my maiden name my middle name. 

25. I'm pretty sure I'm screwing up my kids but I love them soooooooooooo much and am doing the best I can.

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