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The launch of Oprah Winfrey’s Network OWN is tomorrow and I’m excited to see what her station has to offer us. Knowing Oprah it will definitely have a focus on empowering women. These past few years have been so hard on people with the state of the economy and many dreams have been dimmed. When I was checking out the OWN Network site some of the comments in the What Do You Think section were from potential viewers upset because in order to watch the station they need to have cable which was something they cannot afford right now. As 2011 fades to an end 2011 glimmers in the future with it bringing Optimism, Prosperity, Respect And Hope. OWN it!

You can make 2011 the year that changes for you. YOU have the power to make that change. Oprah was not handed things when she was starting out, what she did was not let things stop her.  Set a goal, make a plan and reach for that goal. You do not have to be wildly successful immediately or take it as a failure. In the beginning of Oprah’s show she was not the powerhouse she is today. We watched her evolve and grow on her show. We can all learn from that. Each step is a step towards that goal. Some steps might even be backwards. That’s okay, don’t take it as defeat take it as one less thing in your way because you learn from it. YOU can achieve what you want.

Check back soon for updates and please leave your comments in the section below on what you think so far. Thanks!

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