Grooming The Next Generation For Success

This cute little boy came running up to Dani Johnson Saturday night at First Steps To Success. And here’s what he said: “Ms. Dani, don’t you know who I am? I’m Kaleb and for my 7th birthday I raised $1,000 to feed the orphans.” His parents are truly GROOMING him for success instead of grooming him for STUFF and GREED. That evening, Kaleb had a business man come up to him and hand him a check for $5,000, asking who the check should be written to. And Kaleb’s response: “Well, King’s Ransom Foundation, sir.”

Kaleb has raised over $6,000 to feed orphans using his 7-year-old influence. Do you think we need more examples like these (the child, the parents and the business man)???

grooming kids for success

grooming kids for success



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