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How I saved $936

How I saved $936

Last weekend I attended Dani Johnson’s First Steps To Success. If you are familiar with Dani Johnson (she was on ABC’s Secret Millionaire you know she is passionate about the War On Debt! When we stepped out for lunch after her Debt Fighting “cut the fat” topic with some friends of ours that had come with us they told us about a really cool website they had seen on a news story Real Money. Save Love Give. It is a free service that puts an end to your Wireless Waste! 80% of us a paying for services we never even use! The timing could not have been better.

ABC Real Money was just at my house this week filming my family and our savings! It will be on next Monday. Check out the savings this Single Dad had….


I tried it and was hesitant to put in my password for my cell phone account but I am SOOOOOO glad I did. It turns out we were spending $936 annually, SAVE & LOVE, a year then we needed. Now that is a Savvy Savings! All you do after that is select which savings you want to use of the different plans it shows would be best for you and it even prepares and sends the email to your carrier for you. I reduced my bill and was able to reuse all of those minutes roll-over minutes I have been accumulating! Up next the GIVE! VERA (the name of the magic tool that helps you save) connects you to Seven Bar, a one of a kind foundation that gives microloans to women in need. This wonderful program provides funds and mentorship to underprivileged women to start self-sufficient small businesses! It is completely up to you if you would like to donate anything. The concept is beautiful being reuse that money you saved and donate it towards a good cause to make a difference. The VERA Service is completely free!

Updates: News stories I have  been asked to participate in for Save Love Give…




SAVVY TIP: Use that savings and become a SAVVY MOMpreneur by investing in your own business! I’m always looking for someone brilliant like you to join our team



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