Maximizing Your Efficiencies By Leveraging Other People’s Skills

When you have an online business you can get overwhelmed with all the work there is to do. You probably feel like you work all the time, but get nothing done. Much of it can be classified as “busy work” but even so, most of it needs to be done anyway. This busy work can get in the way of doing the money making activities (your efficiencies) that you also need to do. The main way you derive your income needs to be your main focus, but there is all this other stuff to do as well, and it can be frustrating.

If you want to maximize your efficiencies, you’ll need to figure out what they are. Once you identify what you do best you can  then find experts to accomplish everything else. You don’t want to give up what you’re best at, so you find out what that is, and assign out the rest to experts who can do what they do best. By using other people’s skills and expertise to do things you’re not as proficient at you will actually save time and money.

For instance, if you’re not a bookkeeper, it will take you a lot longer to do your bookkeeping than a real bookkeeper, thus taking time away from doing actions that can make you more money. Why spend time doing anything that you’re not proficient at, that costs less per hour for someone else to do — and who can do it faster?  For example, if you normally make $100 an hour doing what you do best, but you can pay a bookkeeper $30 an hour, then you are still potentially $70 an hour ahead. Since the expert will accomplish the task in less time than you, you’re even that much more ahead.

When you outsource to independent contractors it is usually not necessarily or preferable to hire them “full time”. Usually you contract for a specific task, for a specific monthly fee, or up to a certain number of hours per month with each expert. Even if you do a lot of transactions a month it is very unlikely you would need to have a full time bookkeeper for instance. Also, a good virtual assistant can likely get a lot done for 10 hours a month or so. It’s up to you, of course, how many hours you contract but don’t feel like you have to start with a lot of hours. You can start lower, and play it by ear.

You can find skillful people on services such as,,, and more. There are also places such as where you can place a request for proposal (RFP), as well as go to Virtual Assistant Forums and Message boards on places like, and others to find various VAs who work in different niches. VAs work in niches ranging from administrative work to even coding, so there is sure to be someone out there for your needs.

Some of the outsourcing I have done and people I highly recommend…

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