Tips For Burning MORE Fat And Finding Those MUSCLES

The name of the game is not just losing weight but burning off excess body fat. Unless you burn the fat, your muscle won’t show through and you will not achieve the look that you seek. Here are a few tips to help you burn more body fat.

Fat is plentiful. We eat it because it tastes good. But, it is not good to us! Yes, the body needs a certain amount of fat to survive but this is a specific kind that many of us are not eating. I know we often feel that we need that candy to survive and yes chocolate is “good for us” but let’s not go overboard!

Good fats do exist. Eating things like cold water fish, nuts, beans and healthy oils like olive oil provide the types of fats that the body can utilize. When it can’t use the fats we eat it gets stored on the body. In women, that usually means in the thigh and hip region. (Insert snarl here!)

Once you’ve learned how not to add more fat to your frame, the next step is to get rid of the excess body fat that you have already accumulated. There are different schools of thought on how to go about this, so we will approach it logically. After you have all the facts, you can evaluate how you want to proceed with your body fat loss efforts.

How to Burn More Fat


  1. Change your exercise routine – Pure cardio can burn calories but not for an extended period of time. You may hit a plateau in your weight loss more quickly than you think. Mix it up a bit. Add strength training in the mix to beef up the amount of muscle on your frame. Muscle burns more calories than fat.
  2. Eat more often – Food is not the enemy here. The body needs nourishment. Eating smaller meals every three or four hours will increase your metabolism and keep it up. If you are hungry during this time interval then you are eating enough food to sustain you until the next meal.
  3. Eat foods that need a lot of energy to digest – Some foods have the fortunate ability to help us burn more fat. It takes more calories and energy to digest them then they contain. This includes fibrous foods. To your advantage, that means that the body will use fat stores to help it utilize these nutrients.
  4. Get plenty of sleep – A body that has time to repair itself each night will be ready to work hard again the next day. When we don’t get sleep, we are subject to the unhealthy effects of stress including eating unhealthy and increasing the secretion of stress hormones like cortisol. The body can hold on to fat when we lose sleep.
  5. Eat breakfast – The body has essentially gone through a fast after a full night of sleep. You are in an energy and calorie deficit. Eating carbohydrates mixed with protein will fuel you up and also fight cravings throughout the morning. The fact is if you are trying to lose body fat you can’t skip breakfast! Meal replacement shakes are an easy breakfast and when you drink the right one you can boost your metabolic rate up to 25% according to Dr. Oz.

Want to burn more fat? Use the above tips to help you make the necessary lifestyle changes to accomplish this! The littlest things can often make the biggest difference.


Cheers to your Healthy & Hot Self!

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