FAT Burning Exercises And Why One Of Mine Involves a POLE

Let’s face it – seems like men get all the breaks in the ease of weight loss and muscle gain. They seem to lose weight faster and build muscle more easily. On the other hand, women store fat easier and have more opportunity to do so (puberty, childbirth and menopause). As women, we have a hard time with weight loss. It’s about time we got a break. Here are some of the best fat burning exercises that you can do to change your body and sculpt it into what you want!


Fat Burning Exercises


Exercise is not the most fun activity but you can change that and also burn fat in the process. Choose exercises that you like but also get the most out of them.


  1. Try dancing – One of my favorites is Pole Dancing classes. Yep, it is a fantastic workout and works your entire body and your core so you burn fat and whittle away the midsection faster to build long and lean muscles. Check to see if there is an S-Factor near you. Deliciousness is the best way to describe the way you feel after! Another popular dancing choice right now is also Zumba!
  2. Interval training – This involves mixing cardio and weight training. Quick bursts of cardio are alternated with episodes of weight lifting often with free weights. The process is repeated with very little rest time between since you are switching to a different type of activity. The result is muscle confusion and greater weight loss.
  3. Total body strength training – You gain more muscle when you work the entire body at one time instead of breaking it up into more than one workout. Keep rest periods to a minimum to increase your caloric burn and build more muscle.
  4. Use free weights for combination exercises – Make your efforts do double duty. First of all, free weights require more concentration to move the weight through the full range of motion. And, when you combine a move that works upper and lower body in one movement, you get more fat burning potential for your motion.
  5. Elliptical training – While it has been argued that using machines doesn’t give as much of an advantage as using your own body weight, the elliptical provides an all over workout without impacting your knees and hips for those who have joint pains. You can adjust the resistance and incline level to get a deep burn in your quads and gluteal muscles. Also, using a machine that includes movable poles works the chest, biceps and triceps.
  6. Abdominal work – You don’t have to get down on the floor either. Standing abdominal exercises work the abs easier without hurting your back. And, you are more likely to utilize your abs throughout the entire exercise since you must also maintain balance. Consider standing crunches, hanging leg raises, side bends and kickboxing moves.
A little something extra for you… A fantastic standing AB Workout!

Burning extra fat is more about working smarter than it is about working harder and have FUN with it so you want to build it into your life. Make sure you are feeding those muscles after for the best results! Challenge yourself for the next 90 Days to reveal your best ABS…

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