Mixed emotions on Back To School

As much as I am feeling the need for a little time to myself I just have this lump in my throat at the thought of my kids going back to school. Maybe it’s because Garek is going into Kindergarden and the thought of 3rd grade for Coby already is shocking to me. That might be some of it, but even if it was other grades no matter what it just signifies the speed of life to me.  Seriously I had all these grand plans for Summer and all of the things I was going to do with them like camps, music lessons, museums, random beach trips in the middle of the week and more. Some got done and some haven’t.  There just is not enough time!

When I was growing up there were girls who couldn’t wait to grow up and be a mom. I wasn’t like that. I wanted to grow up and have a great title or run a huge company. I made horrible grades in school so I guess rather than education I thought I would run it on my charm, who knows. It’s funny because when I was focusing on a career it was all about how fast I can get that next title, the next big client, that next promotion, how fast can I get to the top and where is the next step? It was a race! Now, as a mom, I want everything to go in slow motion. I dread every “promotion” my kids make with our guidance as parents. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of their promotions, but I also know another step is shortly behind.

We have definitely had fun this Summer. Some of the best days are days we didn’t leave the house! Sooooooo.I’m going to enjoy what we have left of the “lazy” days. And by “lazy” I mean a bath is not required every night as long as they were in the pool that is good enough for me. However my heart is melting, not only from the heat of the summer but also because of the near end of it.



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