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There has been a lot of concern over the new Facebook Changes with the biggest being how to keep certain information being broadcast to everyone especially in the new “Ticker”. Privacy Settings are the top concern right now that I see people questioning. First off, I want to put your mind at rest that YES you still have control over who sees what! Moms with kids I know all of the sudden it became evident that if you are friends with your kids on facebook and make a comment on another friends facebook status or a picture they have posted that could potentially end up in your kiddos ticker! As you know if you are a mom privacy is not something we get a lot of (seriously, mine still follow me to the bathroom) but there are ways to set boundaries.

With the new Open Graph apps there is a single “permissions” page that has you allowing all publishing all at once – Frictionless Experiences and Real-time Serendipity according to Mark Zuckerberg. Sharing in real time! Now facebook users can instantly what they are listening too, reading, watching, cooking and more. Apps such as Spotify for Music, as soon as you click play on a song it pops up on your profile and in your ticker. As this goes by it shows others what you are listening to allowing them to listen immediately and comment. Very cool, if you are in the mood or maybe not if you are listening to your guilty pleasure one hit wonders. There are Reading Apps like Huffington Post and Movie Apps like Netflix, Cooking Apps, Exercise Apps and anything else you can think of all made with Open Graph. As Zuckerberg explains it is a Serendipitous experience when you are on Facebook and someone you are going to see tomorrow shows as watching Netflix Movie Bridesmaids in the ticker so you hop on and watch it also then can chat about it when you see each other. Again, something that at times can be really cool (imagine being a teenager and knowing what your BFF is watching and being able to do the same) and other times you might be embarrassed that you were watching Real Housewives of Atlanta’s past season on Netflix and now everyone knows.

No worries! Yes there are a lot of changes (and yes, there are more coming such as timeline that launches soon) but the core of facebook is still the same. Now you just need to learn your way around as they add things that one day we will not remember how we lived without. Check out how you can find and control your privacy settings for each of these changes. If you have questions on something not shown here or are confused comment on the post below and I will get you an answer! Don’t forget to share this with your friends… now that is a Serendipitous Experience!


Here is an article that goes more in depth on the changes and how they will forever change us : )



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