Children’s Safety with a Safety Adult List and Family Password

I see the news of missing children and stories that haunt me that I can’t sleep. It is a parents worst nightmare to think of anything happening to our precious children (even on their not so precious days). This is going to be a short post because this is a quick message but probably the most important thing you will read today.

Establish a Safety Adult List and Family Password!

A Safety Adult List is 3 people that you know without a doubt your children would be safe with. A Family Password is simply a word or a phrase that only your immediate family knows. We never want our kids to talk to strangers but there are some cases where it might happen anyway or in other cases it might not be a stranger that is a threat but someone they know. I’m sorry to be freaky here but seriously these are things you need to think about and just be on the safe side and prepare. It is better to be safe than sorry, right?! Decide on 3 Adults that you and your children know will be the only ones on your Safety Adult List. This way when you are running late to pick up someone from after school because you are running the other one to practice and your BFF says she can pick up your kiddo you know your child will know that this is safe to do only with names established and not “OK” this with anyone else but instead know to seek out help from someone. Another way to ramp this up a notch in safety is to establish a Family Password. When your child is picked up by your BFF from the Adult Safe List you can also teach your child to ask if she has been given the family password. If she doesn’t know the word your kiddo will know….No Don’t Go. This is also a great way to see if your kids will use the safety you are teaching them in the proper situations.

These are just a few ideas of what you can do for added safety with your children. Fit these into your safety routine! One more quick tip. I have taught my children to not just yell if someone is taking them against their will but to yell “This is not my mom!!!” because let’s face it, there have been a few days leaving target that someone would think I was stealing kids the way mine were screaming for not getting them what they wanted.







Please spread the word by sharing this and keep our kid’s safe!

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