12 Days of MOMbiz

Christmas is such a fun time and when the kids break for school it is just one more reason I love being a stay at home mom. I’m already here and can make plans around my schedule. There is no vacation time I need to worry about or anything I will miss because my kids can always be first! A lot of my friends ask me how I do it and my mom thinks I’m crazy. When I left my full time position in TV ad sales over eight years ago I knew there was no other place I wanted to be besides home. I also knew I had a taste for making money and I liked it! I’m not all that great at budgets so it is better for me to be in a position that gives me a little cushion : )

MOMpreneurship was for me. I decided that being successful for me at home isn’t necessarily all about making $100,000+ a year, $500,000+ a year or more. I wanted to make a good extra income and not give up my stay at home mom lifestyle. Why should my husband be the only one with an escape of “I have some work to do, can you take the kids _____” to go have a little quiet time and play on faceboook? (Luckily, he is an awesome husband and totally supports me, Thanks Babe!) Don’t get me wrong, it is possible to make as much as you want there really is no limit because you will get out of it what you put in. For me, my measure of success was 1) How much extra do I want to make a month? 2) How much time am I willing to put in? Once I had my answer I had my goal and success was made.

If you have ever thought about starting something or maybe what you have been doing isn’t producing income worth it’s time you and I need to partner. With my help you will be positioned to make that additional income so come January when you are paying off those Christmas Bills you can still do it with Christmas Cheer (not to mention claim the tax breaks for those pesky taxes around the corner). Visit the Partner With Me page and fill out the form today.

I made this video as a little fun peek into the life of a MOMpreneur and her MOMbiz! Thanks MommyToMommy.TV for featuring it!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

On the ELEVENTH day of MOMbiz what’s in store for me,

11 Great Tax write-offs,

10 Networking functions,

9 Blog post all done,

8 Maids a cleaning,

7 Casseroles cooking,

6 Presentations,

Myyyy Maaac Desktop,

4 Calling prospects,

3 Friends to lunch with,

2 Kids a fighting and

************ Watch the Video for the 12th and 1st Day!

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