Being A MOM and How To Be A MOMpreneur

Being a MOM and being a MOMpreneur go together like Wine & Cheese! One is great but both is a bonus and yes it is possible to do it without losing your mind!

Well, I should be 100% honest, you will occasionally lose your mind, but what MOM doesn’t? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could go buy yourself some some retail therapy on those days without any guilt. Let me answer that for you YES.

By now you probably know the definition of MOMpreneur is a MOM Entrepreneur. Really, what mom isn’t? She is running the household, the kids, the pet, the schedules, the balance book, her job…. need I go on? We do it all. Why not do it all and filter that into a Money Making Business? Most will say…

– No Time

– Can’t afford it

– I plan on it one day

– I don’t know how or have time to learn

– When my kids grow up

– We don’t need the money

– Takes to long to build income

– What if I don’t succeed

These are just a few and I have felt them all (besides the “we don’t need the money” so that must be a great feeling). You know how I resolved them? By finding the right company that fit into the life of a MOM and started producing an income right away. Another important factor was finding a Mentor. Once you have both of these all of those objections you have been telling yourself will fall away. You will have the time, you will have the money and you will succeed!

Check out the fun Video on Being A MOMpreneur Now and then click on the link below:

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