Be Smart & Savvy About Your Goals


S             Specific

M           Measurable

A            Achievable

R            Realistic

T            Timely


1.  What is your long-term goal?

2.  What progress did you make towards your goal in 2011?

3.  What could you have done better?

4.  What are your personal income goals for 2012?

5.  How can your current business get you to your goals?

6.  What actions does it take to meet your goals?

Exercise Example:

  • Set your Month End Goal in Dollars.
  • How much do you need to produce to reach that goal?
  • Work backwards to figure out what you need to accomplish. How many/much will it take weekly, daily to get to your monthly goal?
  • Look at the numbers…. how many NOs does it take to get a YES.

For Instance…

  • – Month End Goal – $1,000 income
  • – 4 New Team Members and 4 New Customers = 8
  • – To get to 8 for the month that means you need 2 a week (4 week month).
  • – A sales rule of thumb is it takes 10 NOs to get to a YES. Using this that gives you the goal of talking   to 20 people a week.

7.  What could get in your way?

8.  How can you overcome those obstacles?

9.  What changes are you willing to make?

10. Who can help you?

11.  What resources do you need?

Check out Dani Johnson’s message on this here

12.  Are you committing to your success?


Share your goals to be held more accountable. When you make a regular habit of reviewing your goals, you’ll be better able to achieve them.


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