Take care of YOU

Our society doesn’t give much recognition for being self-indulgent, but being there for others requires that we take excellent care of ourselves. I know often times as Moms we take care of everything around us and have the intention of taking care of ourselves but it keeps getting carried over on our to do list. Before you know it, you haven’t done anything for yourself and you start to have feelings of “I’m not as important as…” or “There will be time for that when…” and neither of those statements is good for you or your family!

If you are not treating yourself with the respect you deserve and recognizing your value how can you teach your children to do the same for themselves? I’m convinced that people respect us more for valuing ourselves. People tend to treat you about as well as you treat yourself. When you value yourself, people tend to value you more. What you need to do to make you happy is valuable to you and you deserve it. Take that time to go for that run or get that facial or even just read that book you want to read. Nurture yourself as you would your family and your relationships. Take care of yourself on the inside and out. Eat healthy, squeeze exercise into your schedule, buy that lip gloss that puts a smile on your lips! If you look good you feel good, if you feel good you do good.

You owe it to yourself and those you love to take good care of your most valuable resource-you!



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