4th Of July Cake – There’s A New Boss In Town

Well, not really. I am no baker so cake boss is probably not a title I will be earning. That’s OK because Buddy is an amazing Cake Boss and really doesn’t need replacing. I did see a picture though recently on facebook of a really cool cake though and I couldn’t find directions so I am creating my own! I just wanted to see if I could do it. If you know me you know that cooking is not something I am good at, unless it is something blackened (ok, charred). Appetizers are much more up my alley. They are quick to make and most do not require actual cooking but more chilling. However, once in a blue moon I decide to put my kitchen appliances to use and see what happens. This time I was hoping the end result would be this…


I gave it my best shot. Like I said, I couldn’t find directions but I should probably admit I didn’t look very hard. One reason that I have probably not had success in the baking department is that following very specific rules is not something that comes easy to me and from what I understand baking is kind of an exact science. Since this was something I wanted to do for fun and relaxation I really didn’t want any directions which is probably why I took on the challenge. My husband and oldest son follow rules rigidly so I had to giggle when my husband grabbed a piece of paper and started drawing out a diagram of how we should construct the cake. (I wish I had taken a picture of it!) I told him to drop the pencil this was my adventure!

Great thing about this was I was able to cut away any of the burned evidence…

The kids didn’t seem to mind, it is mom’s home cooking to them…

Ooops, still a little bit of burned part….
No Problem 🙂

I think the hardest part about this cake was frosting it, seriously I had no idea that was so hard…

Garek thought icing was the best part though…

And the Grand Finale!!!!

Wooohooooooo! Success! It is close enough for me! I did learn however after that there is a gel food coloring that will give a much more vibrant color over the liquid food coloring I used. It also occurred to me after that I didn’t need to bake 6 different layers, I could have baked 3 (red, white and blue) and just sliced them into the layers.

How I did it:

2 boxes of white cake mix, 6 thin pie pans, red food coloring, blue food coloring.

I baked 2 pie pans with about 1 3/4 cups of cake batter of white cake, 3 pie pans of 1 3/4 cake batter with red die, 1 pie an of 3 1/2 cups cake batter blue with white sprinkles for stars. (I did not use large enough sprinkles because they did not show)

After baked I cut into cleaner layers and layered red cake, white cake, red cake and then cut a circle inside of the double layer blue and placed a smaller layer of red cake and white cake inside of it. After I cut all of the parts/layers I went though and layered white icing in each to make it all stick. Cover the rest with icing and Voila!



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