Facial Yoga Is The New Botox?

Facial exercises are nothing new but the current buzz around it is called Facial Yoga. Actually, like Yoga, it has been around forever but is now one of the current beauty trends again.  Moms everywhere use Yoga to lift and tone their tush so no reason it can’t do the same for the face! Now, I am no stranger to botox, fillers and facials of all sorts that promise me a youthful appearance. My first botox fix was 5 years ago and as my 40th birthday comes rushing towards me I have no plans of stopping. (Yes, I know I’m injecting poison, it is awful and all of the other things I hear but what can I say…I’m very vain and try to make up for the bad I’m injecting by putting in a lot of good. Life and motherhood is all about balance, right?) Watching Real Housewives Of New York last night there was a beautiful women from India that was a model in the 70s and she looked freaking amazing! One of the housewives asked her how she stayed looking so young and she said Facial Yoga. I immediately had to google it since it was the third time I had heard about this in a matter of weeks.

There are lots of things out there but I came across a series I had to laugh at and at the same time thought I’m totally going to start doing this!

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