Savvy U Branding Part 2: Not A Brand New You, A Brand That Is You!

ShareTweet By definition Brand is: 1) A class of goods identified by name as the product of a single firm or manufacturer As an entrepreneur YOU are your brand. Often Continue Reading →

What Is MonaVie RVL, Review and Is This the Second Chance at a Ground Floor Opportunity

MonaVie has been a leader in the functional beverage and network marketing industry since it’s launch in 2005. The company has now positioned itself for the next big wave in the health industry and asks their future distributors, What have you been “Weighting” for? MonaVie RVL is MonaVie’s answer to weight management products. Continue Reading →

Why a Home Based Business?

ShareTweet The home-based business is where innovation begins! There is power in starting a home-based business. It comes from taking the future into your own hands, from doing what YOU Continue Reading →